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Truffle storage

Truffle storage and portioning in the kitchen

Truffle cleaning:

  • The truffle should only be taken a few minutes before use cold water  with a  small brush getting cleaned  . 
  • Since the truffle is very delicate, you don't want to lose valuable pieces of it. Therefore, clean the truffle carefully.  

Frische Trüffel mit einer weichen Bürste reinigen

Truffle portioning and processing:

  • White truffle 10-15g per person, black truffle 20-25g per person 
  • White truffles only season the food raw, black truffles can be heated up to 50 ° C and thus develop their full aroma and taste
  • To get the most out of the black truffle, it is best served as simply as possible - not cooked, but grated or finely sliced  over a warm dish that enhances its flavor.
  • Ideal with pasta, rice, eggs, raw meat dishes and fish dishes.
  • To appreciate the taste of the truffle at its best, it should so fast as possible (in a few days) to be consumed . 

 Trüffel mit dem Trüffschneider über das Gericht hobeln

truffle Storage:

  • Wrap you  each truffle individually in a paper (kitchen roll) without removing the soil dirt.
  • Change the paper every day.
  • storage  in the refrigerator (+ 2 ° C / + 4 ° C) in a container that is not completely airtight to allow the truffles to "breathe". The aroma released during ripening is usually absorbed by milk, butter, cheese and eggs that are stored near the truffles.  
  • The truffle can also be frozen, unfortunately it loses taste and weight. It is best to grate the truffles before freezing them so that they can be removed in portions.

Die richtige Lagerung von frischen Trüffeln

Long-term storage of the truffles

There are several methods of how you can store truffles for longer than 1-2 weeks that we would like to reveal here. These methods are controversial among gourmets. Of course, with this process the truffle loses its taste and aroma, because fresh truffles have the most intense taste.

  • Soak the truffles in lukewarm water for a quarter of an hour so that you can then remove the remains of the earth with the brush. Then put the clean truffles in a sealed glass jar (mason jar with screw cap) and sterilize the jar in a water bath for three hours.
  • Seal whole truffles in cans or glasses with your own truffle juice or essence
  • Make a truffle carpaccio in glasses from truffle slices
  • Make a truffle paste / cream from the fresh truffles and fill them into glasses or tubes
  • The truffle essence, i.e. concentrated juice that is created when boiling, is poured into glasses or bottles
  • Fill the truffle juice, the essence diluted with water in glasses or cans
  • Cut the fresh truffle into pieces of truffle and store these smaller pieces in glasses or cans


There are clear differences when it comes to truffles cooked in jars or cans. When the truffle is boiled, the liquid and aroma are lost. In order not to lose this aroma, this liquid must remain in the glass. 


Mold or maggot infestation:

If your truffles are infected with mold or maggots as soon as they are unpacked upon delivery, please send us photos by email. We will of course replace the truffles you have ordered.

The truffle is a natural product, which can lead to mold, maggot infestation and weight loss after prolonged storage. 

If mold is discovered on the outside of a black truffle, the surface mold can be removed with a dry brush without hesitation.

Trüffel Madenbefall

Schimmel bei Trüffel