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Frische Trüffel kaufen im Zigante Trüffelshop - Im Onlineshop Trüffel bestellen und sicher Trüffelprodukte einkaufen. Trüffel kaufen Bregenz, Trüffel bestellen, Trüffel kaufen Salzburg, Trüffel kauf, Trüffel einkaufen, Trüffelbaumkauf, Trüffelbäume kaufen

Personal name or company name:

Astrid Marina Unger 

Company name: Trueffelhang.at

Tax ID number: ATU 75677705


Our contact details:

Contact persons: Astrid Marina and Dieter Unger

Street / house number: Markt 25

ZIP / City: 4192 Schenkenfelden

Country: Austria

Email: trueffelhang (@) gmail.com

Internet: www.trüffelhang.at, www.trueffelhang.at, www.paket-kaufen.com, www.delikatessen-kaufen.com, www.trueffelshop.eu, www.trueffelbaeume-kaufen.com, www.trueffel -kaufen- shop.com, www, truffle-buy-store.com


Our bank connection:

Account holder: Astrid Unger / Trueffelhang.at

Bank: N26 Direct Bank

IBAN: DE55 1001 1001 2629 7160 63



Web design / development / shop: Dieter Unger with Shopify 

Content: Astrid Marina and Dieter Unger


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Photo credits:

Where did we get the pictures on our website (www.trüffelhang.at, www.trueffelhang.at) and may they be used?


  • Self-made or photographed pictures from Trüffelhang.at (these may be used under the following conditions: Source: Trueffelhang.at and link: https://www.trueffelhang.at)
  • Isolated changed images with sources / references (e.g. trüffelzyclus.jpg, ...)
  • Royalty-free images, even for commercial purposes, no picture credits required (C00)
  • All pictures in the shop (www.trueffel-kaufen-shop.com) and on the shop subpages are the property of Zigante Tartufi and have been made available to us as partners (Copyright Zigante Tartufi)

If you notice any violations of the copyrights on the pictures, please contact trueffelhang.at immediately. 


Re-use of content:

All content mentioned on this website and all sub-pages are the property of Zigante Tartufi. These may not be used any further.


Disclaimer of liability

The information provided on this website has been carefully checked and updated regularly. However, no guarantee can be given that all information is complete, correct and up-to-date at all times. This also applies to all links to other websites that are referred to directly or indirectly. All information can be changed, removed or supplemented without prior notice. Furthermore, we assume no liability for items ordered by our shop partners Tartufi Zigante in any way (payment, quality, delivery, exchange, return, complaints).


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