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Why use truffle oil in dishes? Truffle oil in the kitchen

Truffle oil in the kitchen - tips and application

If you don't have any fresh truffles on hand, an oil enriched with truffles is a good way to give the dishes a noble touch. Fantastic flavor combinations can be created very quickly. This article gives you some simple tips on how to use truffle oils. Also suitable for beginners.

Verwendung von Trüffelöl in der Küche
What exactly is truffle oil?

Master chefs refer to such an oil as "truffle-infused oil". This means that you first take a tasteless oil such as sunflower oil, grape seed oil or olive oil. This serves as a carrier for the desired taste. The aroma is implemented into the base oil by means of an infusion process. For the truffle oil, food chemists use either white or black truffle flavorings. Because of the unique taste, which truffle fans describe as earthy, mushroom, mossy, woody in the case of black truffles.

When it comes to white truffles, terms such as garlic-like with a Camembert aroma and intense and complex appear. Therefore you can give a variety of "common" dishes a noble character with truffle oils

The most important tip before experimenting with truffle oils is that they are best used as a finishing oil. So only pour the oil onto the dish or sauce at the very end. Because truffle oils quickly lose their truffle aroma in high heat, you should perhaps add a few drops of the expensive oil to the dish just before serving.

In addition, mild dishes, which already contain a few spices or flavor in the basic recipe, are ideal to be refined with truffle aroma at the end.

Now we will show you a few simple recipes that can be easily refined with truffle oil.

Popcorn with truffle oil

Popcorn is basically quite neutral in taste, unless it is very salted and the fine butter taste generally highlights the truffle note very well in every other dish. Melt the butter in a saucepan over low heat, add salt as desired. But be careful, too much salt drowns out the taste of the truffle in your mouth. By the way: Sea salt is a little milder than normal table salt, it complements the truffle aroma better. Then stir a few drops (3-6 drops depending on your preference) of the truffle oil into the butter-salt mixture and then pour over the popcorn and stir.

French fries with truffle oil


You can add truffle oil to home-made French fries or purchased French fries. This would be a noble and varied variant of french fries with ketchup or mayonnaise. As soon as the french fries are done, pour freshly grated parmesan, some sea salt and a few drops of truffle oil over them. Gently stir the aromatic mixture in a bowl and then serve. These French fries attraction surpass ordinary dinners and are also ideal as a noble side dish to many dishes. Of course, truffle fries could be the main dish at any house party.

Pizza with truffle oil

Homemade or purchased pizza can easily be refined with a few drops of truffle oil. White truffle oil goes well with Pizza Bianca. In general, the milder the pizza, the better the truffle aroma comes out. Here again just drizzle a few drops of the noble oil over the pizza before serving.

Eggs with truffle oil

Breakfast eggs are available in different variations such as scrambled eggs, fried eggs or in a sandwich. Upgrade the egg with a few drops of truffle oil. The mild egg taste complements the truffle aroma perfectly and elevates your simple dish to a royal taste level.

Pasta with truffle oil

Pasta is popular in all age groups and in many variations, both as a main course and as a side dish. The truffle aroma goes best with pasta dishes in combination with cheese, mushrooms, garlic and whipped cream. Finally, add a little truffle oil to the sauce and your dish has become a 5-star menu di bella Italia.

Soups with truffle oil

Mild soups are very easy to refine with truffle oil. Potato, onion, Brussels sprouts or mushroom soup go best with the truffle aroma. Add a few drops of truffle oil just before serving to give your soup depth and elegance.

Salad dressing with truffle oil

With Saltaten you have a completely free hand, which means that every dressing goes well with every salad variation. Simply add a few drops to the dressing, mix and pour over the fresh salad. Here you are welcome to experiment with different spices for the dressing in combination with the truffle aroma.

Bread with truffle oil

Regardless of whether you bake the bread yourself or buy the toppings, your canapés will take you to the next level. As usual, you can prepare various spreads or cheeses garnished with vegetables and drizzle a drop per bread roll over the topping. Your exquisite starter is perfect.

Risotto with truffle oil

Since risotto consists of rice, soup spices and other additions such as vegetables and meat, there is a great base for the truffle aroma. In this case, the creamy basic recipe for risotto should be rather mild. So go for the milder chicken instead of pork. If you prefer a vegatarian risotto, you can cut almost any vegetable into it. There is no limit to your fanatics. Again, add a few drops of the truffle oil just before serving.

Truffle oil over fish

Regardless of whether you fry the fish in the pan, grill it or bake it with breading, add a few drops of truffle oil and you have a toque menu. Truffle oil also goes perfectly with seafood of all kinds. Again, pour some truffle oil over the dish and enjoy.

Vegetables with truffle oil

Cooked vegetables are often bland in taste, so spice them up with sea salt, pepper and a little butter. Only at the very end add a few drops of truffle oil and you're done.

Truffle oil on humus

Anyone who likes it oriental will definitely love humus. The basic recipe for humus is usually quite mild, which is why the southerners often add very flavorful aromas. The truffle oil is perfect here. Those who are tired will love this truffle humus! First strain the chickpeas from the can (400g) and put them in the blender. Add 1 clove of garlic (a small one so that the garlic taste does not drown out the truffle aroma), sea salt (save here too), the juice of half a lemon, 3 tablespoons of virgin olive oil, pepper, a little cumin (if you like) and finally about 5 drops of truffle oil . Puree the ingredients until it is a creamy paste. Season the truffle humus and add salt or truffle oil if necessary. Cheers!

Mushrooms and truffle oil

Because truffles are also mushrooms, they both complement each other quite well in terms of taste. Truffle aroma goes great with mushroom dishes in every variant, whether as mushroom soup or mushroom sauce or breaded mushrooms as a main course. Also e.g. King oyster mushrooms fried in butter with truffle oil are a treat that your guests will not soon forget!