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Why is the Perigord truffle so expensive? Truffle price and truffle season from Tuber melanosporum

How does the high price of the Perigord truffle come about?

Black winter truffle - Périgord truffle - Tuber melanosporum

Warum ist die Perigordtrüffel so teuer? Trüffelpreis und Trüffelsaison von Tuber melanosporum

The black winter truffles raise every festive menu to a level of luxury. The tuber melanosporum is also called the black diamond of Provence. An ancient Greek legend tells that the truffles were born in the place where the lightning bolts of Zeus hit the earth.

Truffle bulbs are the fruiting bodies of a type of mushroom that is subterranean in symbiosis with trees such as English oak or with shrubs such as hazelnut.
It is native to southern Europe and is also successfully grown in other parts of the world e.g. Western Australia or Tasmania. The black princess of the truffle (the queen is the white truffle, Tuber magnatum pico) prefers plains or airy hillside forests, where the trees are far apart, because the noble tuber needs a lot of light and air circulation and the shortest possible periods of frost to thrive.

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The skin of the Tuber melanosporum is black with a large, diamond-shaped pyramid-like surface structure. The pulp is also black with white, fine veins. A cross-section is reminiscent of black marble.

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Perigord truffle price


After the Alba truffle, the Perigord truffle is the second most expensive food truffle in the world and is traded between € 800 and around € 2,000 per kilogram, depending on its origin, quality and tuber size. The truffle price depends heavily on demand and the amount of harvest in the season.


Perigord truffle growing and season

In general, truffles are difficult to grow, they have special needs, as befits a royal family. And even if all environmental factors can be met, it takes about 7-10 years for the first Perigord truffles to grow. After that, it has to be harvested by hand with the help of licensed truffle hunters and their trained truffle hounds. The harvest time is between November 15th and March 15th.


The Perigord truffle in the kitchen

The Perigord truffle is used in dishes to enhance the taste of meat, fish, soups and risotto. The black truffles can also be heated without losing their wonderful aroma; on the contrary, heating them up makes the truffle taste more intense. I think the easiest dish with the Perigord truffle is an omelette with organic eggs from the farm.