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Fried egg with black truffle pearls

Fried egg with black truffle pearls

Trüffelperlen - ein einfaches Rezept in der Trüffelküche

The secret of truffle pearls

The simpler the dish, the better. The more complicated the dish, the more the truffle pearls compete with all the other flavors and aromas.

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Simple but tasty

Truffle pearls don't want fancy playmates. She's best in simple company, with things like eggs.

Trüffelperlen mit Ei - ein einfaches geschmacksintensives Rezept

Truffle Apettizer

Eggs and truffles work so perfectly together. Check out the easy recipe with black truffle pearls. So amazing to add to your breakfast buffet!




  1. Pour some olive oil into a slightly preheated pan
  2. Add eggs and cook at 60-70 ° C (140 F - 158 F) for 6-7 minutes
  3. Serve by adding truffle pearls and truffle salt on each egg

Rezept mit Trüffelperlen

Enjoy the Black Truffle Pearls with pasta, egg dishes or a roast beef. So great for bruschette and to add to first dishes like carpaccio.

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