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Alba truffle price - how much does the real white truffle cost and why?

Alba truffle price - how much does the real white truffle cost and why?

Preis für die Albatrüffel - Wieviel kostet die echte weiße Trüffel und warum?

The real white truffle (Tuber Magnatum Pico) is the queen of truffles. For which well-known top chefs pay a high price. The Alba truffle is traded on average between 4,000 and 5,000 euros per kilogram in Europe.
Special specimens of a decent size and the best quality of the white diamonds have often been paid € 14,000 per kilo at auctions. Basically, the truffle price depends on three factors, namely:


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- Truffle environment:

The quality is determined by the area in which the noble truffle grows. The composition of the soil, the altitude, and even the host tree influence the taste of the Alba truffle.

- truffle season:

The quality of the valuable royal tuber also depends on climatic fluctuations, which influence the growth of the tuber magnatumm pico. Annual weather conditions, such as long periods of dryness or precipitation, have a significant effect on harvest volumes. The quality and demand determine the market price, similar to viticulture.

- Truffle Market:

In addition to the environmental and seasonal conditions, supply and demand determine the price per kilo of edible truffles. In addition, the truffle price rises the more advanced the truffle season is, because the truffle taste becomes more intense the later the season is.

In addition, the white truffle queen cannot yet be grown commercially, which is why the noble tuber can only be harvested by hand with licensed truffle hunters (and their trained truffle hounds) in natural areas. This means that the alab truffles only exist in the wild. It grows preferentially under poplars, willows, oaks and limes. The perfect area for the white diamonds has constant air circulation and a calcium-rich, loose and continuously moist soil. Famous Tuber Magnatum Pico regions are, for example, the northern Italian area around the city of Alba or the Piemonte area. The valuable truffles also grow in Croatian Istria.


Truffle price development in recent years:

The Alba truffle thrives best in soils that remain moist both during germination and ripening. In 2018 the climate was mild. More truffle bulbs were found while searching for truffles. This led to a sharp drop in prices, which had fallen significantly compared to 2017. In 2019, the truffle price fell again by 5% compared to the previous year. According to the Acqualagna Truffle Exchange, the price of Fine White Truffle for larger tubers weighing over 50 grams was around € 2,000 per kilo compared to € 2,100 in the previous year.


The prices according to size were around:

- 2.000 € / kg for truffle bulbs over 50g
- 1,500 € / kg for truffle bulbs between 15g - 50g
- 1,000 € / kg for truffle bulbs under 15g

Truffle experts predict more harvest due to high rainfall and a warmer climate. More offer, lower price; much to the delight of truffle fans.
We keep our fingers crossed and we will keep an eye on the truffle prices.