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The price of the Burgundy truffle - season and characteristics of the autumn truffle - Tuber uncinatum

Fresh Burgundy Truffle - Autumn Truffle (Tuber uncinatum) - The season of the autumn truffle

The truffle season

The autumn truffle season starts in September. The noble tuber is available fresh from Istria every year between September and January! With the delicious autumn truffle you bring ordinary dishes to a luxury level.

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Burgundy truffle price

The Burgundy truffles are available for € 200 to € 1000 per kg, depending on their origin and quality. They are also called autumn truffles because the fruiting bodies ripen from around October to November and, if the weather conditions are particularly favorable (under a blanket of snow), even into March.


Autumn truffle characteristics

The Tuber uncinatum (Burgundy truffle, autumn truffle) is very similar to the Tuber aestivum (summer truffle, Scorzone). The outer skin of both types of truffle is identical, namely dark brown to black with a diamond-shaped structure. These types can be distinguished by the pulp, which is lighter in the Tuber aestivum. The taste of summer truffles is also much milder.

Burgundertrüffel - Herbsttrüffel - Tuber uncinatum


Difference between summer and autumn truffles


The same type of truffle with a different degree of ripeness and harvest time

Microbiological tests in 2004 showed that the Burgundy truffle and the summer truffle are a single species. The difference is that the summer truffle has an earlier stage of ripeness, has a lighter cut surface (gleba) and has a milder taste than the Burgundy truffle. The harvest time for the summer truffle is from the end of May to the beginning of August and for the Burgundy truffle from around September to January. In terms of price, however, the Burgundy truffle is slightly higher than the summer truffle.

Burgundertrüffel - Herbsttrüffel und Sommertrüffel

left: summer truffle - scorcone (Tuber aestivum), right: Burgundy truffle - autumn truffle (Tuber uncinatum)


Burgundy truffle taste & aroma

The taste of the autumn truffle can be described with an earthy, fine nutty note. Some gourmets may even taste a hint of caramel. It is a delicious noble bulb with a coffee-colored pulp. It is recommended that you rub the Burgundy truffle over a hot, buttery dish. Because the warmth brings out the full extent of the aroma of the truffle. In addition, the motto (for all types of edible truffle) applies: "The fresher they are eaten, the more delicious they taste!" If this is not possible, wrap the tubers individually in kitchen paper and place the truffles in a jam jar or in a Tupperware. It is important that the container is not completely closed so that the truffles can breathe. In addition, please change the paper daily to avoid mold growth.
However, use the noble bulb within a maximum of 2 weeks, otherwise the unpleasant ammonia smell will prevail.


The autumn truffles in the kitchen

The Burgundy truffle goes well with many dishes from starters to desserts in sweet dishes or main dishes, from vegan mushroom dishes to hearty meat menus. We have created a clear graphic (to be found under Food Pairing), where it is easy to see which foods the noble truffle taste harmonizes best with.

Burgundertrüffel - Herbsttrüffel in der Küche

We have also put together an exquisite selection of truffle recipes. Here you will also find tips on how to get the most out of the precious bulbs (under truffle cuisine), so you can guarantee to delight your guests with an extraordinary taste experience!